NANOLAB is an educational project of the Physics Department of the University of Modena and Reggio E., Italy, for science teachers to integrate nanoscience in high school and undergraduate curricula. Nanoscience is an ideal context to engage students in cutting edge research, introduce the basics of modern physics of matter in an operative and interdisciplinary way, linking fundamental science and technology.
NANOLAB is currently being developed in Italian . The full English version is under construction. At the moment many resources are still only in Italian. Get in contact with the authors for missing English materials.


Grouped in four thematic areas, labs integrate and deepen topics typically dealt with in high school curricula, and allow to grasp the perspectives offered by nanomaterials and their perculiar properties. Conceived to be replicated in a normal school laboratory, they are equipped with extensive teacher's guides, video guides, simulative software, and background material.

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Scientists working in nanoscience communicate recent results and perspectives for a non-specialist public. Addressed particularly to teachers, the seminars are a useful tool for life-long training, as well as for students' university career advisory.

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Training courses

The NANOLAB team, which is composed of scientists and teachers of the Physics Department, plans teachers training courses on nanoscience and labs, collaborating with schools and groups of teacher, with thematic meetings, and hand-on activities.

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